Killed by a drone

Killed by a drone
When democracy is a lie
Their screams will haunt our dreams
When living is the other word for hiding

Our hearts became cold as the winter stone
Our minds became flood by an ocean of hate
The blood in our veins started to bleed
The tears in our eyes started to drop like the rain

I want you in my arms
'Cause the end is coming
You were everything I loved
And you'll ever be

I want you to believe me
When I say I do care
About everything you feel
And everything you do

I want you to know
That everything I did
Was to make you feel alive
Even the darkest parts of mine

But baby I killed for you
I put my hand on the controller
I used this drone to end their life
I said they commanded me to do si

But the truth is
No one forced me to pull the trigger

And no reasons could ever explain what I've done

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  • Kira1901


    YuniGaming wrote: "Love your english writings, love english *v*"

    Thank you my dear ! Your commentary is very appreciated .-.

  • YuniGaming


    Love your english writings, love english *v*

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